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Soontop Technology Co., Ltd., is one of the leading manufactures in the market of battery management system (BMS), located in Chia-yi City, Taiwan.  We have been dedicated to this industry year over year, of extensive experiences in battery applications that call for varied BMS including, most of the time, system integration. helping with customers' issues through a macro-view on their systems.

We are professional and expert in Battery Management System (BMS), equipped with highly precise SMT machinery and assembly production lines. This team is constructed with excellent, gifted engineers, designers and experienced management who are entitled flexibly to accommodate production plans to demands for small or large quantity.

Soontop Technology throws himself in design and manufacture for Lithium battery management systems(BMS) and Lithium battery packs, which are widely applied to such as electric vehicle(EV) , light electric vehicle(LEV), electric sweeper, electric boat, car cranking battery, e-motorcycles, as well as Energy Storage System(ESS); Furthermore, we have been long devoted to researching and developing BMS for portable power bank, bank-up battery, solar charge controller, solar power supply system, solar LED lighting system for use in energy-saving and environment-friendly products.

Our smart Lithium battery management systems(BMS) are MCU-based mostly with communication functions via those protocols of SMBus, CANbus, RS232, or RS485, by which you can monitor your battery SoC and SoH, provided with Soontop Battery Monitor System or AFE(Analog Front End) IC makers. Thereby customers can obtain battery information and integrate these battery data with their systems for specific applications.

We pack Lithium batteries with our intelligent BMS that feature the batteries. You will be welcome to discuss with us about how to perfect your batteries with our efforts.

 Soontop Technology is sure bound up to design distinctive products to bring your items to be outstanding from your competitions; Also over the years, embarking on PCBA, and EMS, we well know how to elaborate quality products that can definitely satisfy our customers.


  We are competent to offer to our customers a series of production techniques from function planning, circuit design, PCB Layout ,through manufacture and product assembly.  Complete and perfect solutions to help customers shorten the passage of time for marketing their products may optimize their production plans and cost strategies.  We are really the best partner for you.   Let’s set out serving your company and become your faithful helpmate from today on.     

Product Range
We manufacture and sell the products in the following categories
Energy Storage System, ESS.
Battery Bank-up System, BBU. 
Solar Power Supply System.
LithiumBattery Management System (Lithium Battery BMS), 
Lithium Battery Packs (Battery Pack)

We have independent research and development, in-house manufacturing and rigorous management. Hereby we can supply you with fast and efficient services. We accept OEM / ODM order, and also do assembly (PCB Assembly) to related products. We will appreciate your kindly patronage and advice.

 Our vision and mission:
We firmly believe that our wide applications of green energies on the earth, enhancement of the efficiency of energy conversion, and implementation of the principle of energy consumption- storing at low load and feeding it at peak will do something to the earth. When people have the similar philosophy and practices, responding with love and friendly attitude to the earth, the human living environment will be therefore improved significantly. It is the belief that every time we think about environmental issues. We are so faithful and serve on hope that we will make such a value in people's lives.

Our business philosophy and values: