SB100ot-F-12-80 12V80A Car Starter BMS



  1. Continuous discharge current specifically designed for a car alternator use: 80A
  2. Max discharge current: Peak current 900A, with delay time for 10m S. Short circuit >1200A
  3. Floating Battery Balancer: smart cell balancer starts at/ over 3.55V, but it acts only on cells with volt variances, higher by 40mV than the lowest one. The bleeding current dissipates by from 40mA to 300mA,
  4. Mosfet Management: Sense circuit designed for a purpose to keeping Mosfets from all being burnt down..
  5. Sleep Mode(time base):System shuts off, showing 0 volt measured at pack terminals in 2 conditions. (1).when it is a status of no load at any voltage level. or (2).when it has a light load, where Vcell>3.10, the condition lasts for 10 continuous days.  The way to wake it up is to press and release the tact switch once, which allows starter to work.
  6. Low Voltage Start Energy Reserve (LVSER, voltage and current base):  When cell volt drops down through 3.10V, and current drain is less than 8A, to break off lower current drains, and to slow down energy loss, LVSER Volt will trip. This function has a voltage scope from 3.10V till 2.4V UVP.
  7. Sleep Mode and LVSER Mode Disable: Once car alternator fails to charge, while the current draw is higher than 8A.The functions will self-disable.
  8. BEMF protection: The BMS has protection for itself conducting back electromotive forces from the load.

Key specification and electrical characteristics:


Physical Structure:

Wiring diagram:


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