16V 5S LiFePO4 Engine Starter Battery BMS

  1. For 5S 16V LiFePO4 engine starter battery BMS
  2. Gradient Current Management Method manages current drains.
  3. High current durability with short-circuit protection greater than 2000A for 10m S.
  4. Floating shunt current mode. 
  5. Mosfet grouped for managing current surges.
  6. Wake-up-and-Sleep Self-Recognition design.
  7. Low Voltage Start Energy Reserve (LVSER): LVSER mode acts at cell volt dropping down to 2.90V, to break off lower current drains and slow down capacity loss, which is not involved with driving or igniting. The LVSER Mode is energy-saving mode to maintain margin capacity to start up the car again at its low voltage, LVSER Volt will keep dropping from 2.90V until 2.4V with load, or stay at 2.9V,while via an external switch.
  8. No load Sleep Mode starts with no current consumption.

SB78-16V-110 16V110A Car Starter Battery BMS

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