SB78o-F-24-110 24V110A Car Starter BMS



  1. Continuous discharge current specifically designed for a car alternator use: 110A
  2. Max discharge current: Peak current 2000A, with delay time for 10Ms.
  3. Floating Battery Balancer: smart cell balancer starts at/ over 3.55V, but it acts only on cells with volt variances, higher by 40mV than the lowest one. The bleeding current dissipates by from 40mA to 300mA,
  4. Mosfet Management: Sense circuit designed for a purpose to keeping Mosfets from all being burnt down..
  5. Sleep Mode: No current consumption. System shuts, showing 0 volt measured at terminals in 2 conditions. When a status of no load or with parasitic load less than 8-/+2A lasting for 22(in default) days, it will trip at any volt level. Wake up: When with a slight load, charging can wake it up as described in the specifications, or it will go to LVSER mode after the 22nd days.
  6. LVSER ( Low Voltage Start Energy Reserve): LVSER Mode trips at cell volt dropping down to 3.10V with a load in the car, less than 8-/+2A (in default), to break off lower current drains and reduce energy loss. Self-Wake up: for SB78o Model, LVSER Mode puts the system to work for 5 Seconds and goes to sleep for 300 seconds in cycles until UVP, or gets charged to release as described in the specifications.
  7. Sleep Mode and LVSER Mode Disable: Functions of both will self-disable once car alternator fails to charge, while it has a load greater than 8A-/+2.
  8. BEMF protection: The BMS has protection for itself conducting back electromotive forces from the load.

Key specification and electrical characteristics:

Physical Structure:





 Wiring diagram:




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