EMS Service

EMS Profectional Manufacture Service


Market demand is changing rapidly. Faced with this reality, the strategy adopted by various industries is to accelerate the development of new products. Therefore, the industrial chain has changed from vertical integration to professional industrial division of labor, which is the best solution to meet market demand.

As the industry's best solution for cost reduction and flexible production and sales management is to outsource manufacturing to a professional foundry. So some industrial services are to be bring up exuberant development, such as Original Equipment Manufacturing OEM, Electronic Manufacturing Service EMS, Contract Electronics Manufacture  CEM, and become a part of the global electronic technology industry supply chain can not be ignored

Soontop Technology provide High-Mix Low-Volume ordered production.  From PCB Layout, Design For Manufacturing DFM, Design For Testing DFT, Prototype, PCB Assembly, Function & Reliability Testing, to System integration, we provide best one-stop service for customer to achieve Rapid production, timely delivery and help customers effectively reduce costs and inventory assets.

Service Items:

  • EMS/CEM/OEM EMS / CEM / OEM comprehensive electronic manufacturing process foundry, electronic parts own materials (turnkey) and customer supply (consign) material procurement, valet shipment (dropshipping)
  • NPI new products are introduced in small batches for trial production, quick-turn rapid proofing, PCBA sample valet production, mass production/transfer stage introduction
  • SMD/SMT single-sided/double-sided surface-mount processing, automatic insertion AI, stock preparation, first article assurance, visual inspecting & repairing, ICT test
  • DIP hand plug-in processing, manual welding, post-welding, tin furnace, dispensing glue, shearing,  TEST/Trouble Shooting, QC process quality control, test inspection, assembly, packaging, maintenance warranty RMA, etc. 


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