UPS Battery Monitor and Management System


1). Applied to a load such as car cranking battery without need for this module to control current draw. 
2). With real-time monitoring function, and designed to signal when abnormal voltage levels show up, this module
can be linked up with MOSFET switch unit thereby to work as a voltage protector or BMS. 
3). Temperature Sensibility Enable drives out signals when abnormal temperature shows up. NTC with 10KΩ,b=3200+/-150 is the s 
4). The module MCU of intelligence operates in the system, driving Cell Voltage Balance Unit to work, which has a current-bleeding capability up to 250m A.ensor. 
5). Combined with a battery charger, the VMS module can play a critical part as a cell balancer and cell protector of the CC-CV charger 
6). The Voltage Balancer has the design with no dissipating current in quiescent shut-down, escaping loss of battery energy and preventing the battery pack from damage due to further self-discharging after the voltage level of 2.00V comes up.

 Electric Characteristics

Item Condition   Unit  Min  Typical  Max
Detect Voltage Range Detected cell volt range  V 2.3  - 3.9
Cell voltage levels signals output for use  V  2.3   3.9
Detect delay time  Delay time signals output    mS    100  
Temperature Detect  Detected temperature  by NTD 10K 3200+-150   ℃  -20   65 
Current consumption Average operation current consumption   mA    3.6  
Output voltage O/P voltage= battery voltage– 10% battery voltage    V    12.6  
Output impedance  Output impedance  R    150  
Cell Balance  Max resistive bleeding current  mA    150  250
Cell volt starting to bleed current. ±1%  V    3.5  
Volt variance to start cell balancing ≧ mV    80  
Balanced voltage variance among cells ≦ mV    80  
System staying awake or wake-up condition 1.Initial conduction with cells。       YES  
2.Differential Charging Voltage >  V    0.7  
3.Discharging Current>=  A    15  
4. Single cell with a volt above 3.40V  V 3.35  3.4 3.45
System status remaining  1. Awake after wake-up in a technical time interval       YES  
2. Remaining interval to stay awake after wake-up Hrs    3  
3. Cell volts after a stable state for system to be awake without recounting time interval >=  V    3.4  
4. Cell volts after a stable state for system to recount time interval<  V    3.4  
5. During charging, re-count time interval = Hrs    3  
6. During discharging, re-count time interval = Hrs    3  
No dissipating current  starts Shut-down interval without wake-up condition>=   Hrs    3  
Dissipating current in shut-down  nA     300
Absolute volt of cutting off current drain=<  V   2.00  
Dimension 90mmx42mmx15mm        



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