LC01-F-12-8 12V 8A LiFePO4 battery Solar LED street light charge controller



● Built-in lighting timer with minute time simulating hour time to test your setting via TEST switch.

After selecting a lighting time mode, pressing once the TEST switch, you will have the blue LED play the same role of the lamp, turned on or off, long in minute unit, yet it represents the lighting hour time set up.

● 16 lighting time mode options covering most requirements:

Through the rotary switch, you can select 1 from 16 lighting time modes, which can serve most purposes from individual requirements of varied applications.

● Solar LED lighting controller over LiFePO4 battery :

This controller has an outstanding built-in LiFePO4 battery BMS, and thereby a LiFePO4 PCM

(Protection Circuit Module) can be dispensed with. Integrated battery PCM and charger into PV

Controller, this controller is perfectly constructed for your LED street lights over LiFePO4 battery.

● MCU-controlled system with smart design:

A microcontroller coordinates operations of the system, driving over load protection, over-charge /over-discharge protection, low voltage protection, and load short-circuit protection.

Easy-to-read LEDs indicate the status of the system, including solar input power, charging, discharging, battery storage, or low battery.

● Protection against in-rush current from thunder attack via ceramic surge arrester.

● Reverse polarity connection protection (self-reconnection after removal of condition)

type-and-16-mode lighting time span options:

Key Specifications:

Outer appearance:

Installation Dimension:

Wiring Diagram:



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