SPF-F-12-10 LFP battery BMS



1.With SMBus comm. function via USB tool kit to PC//LCM, to gain battery information, helpful for                       engineering services. ( Option)

2.Monitoring battery SoC & SoH, such as Amperes, capacity; temperature, protection status and cell                     balance, event records etc.  ( Option)

3.LED display to show battery capacity, based on Coulomb Counter and, to show protection occurrences.

Key specification:


2. LED Display (Option)

(1). Battery SOC LED Module

(2). Battery SOC LCD,with 4 display pages(Option),demands an external DC12V source.


3. Smart battery management of SMBus via USB bridge tool to PC. (example over 8S)

Providing public software and Drive

5. Wiring Diagram

6. Steps to install battery pack with BMS

1. Follow from (1) to (5)

(1) Plug temperature sensors, JA5 onto the BMS.

(2) "B─" at CON3 of the board connects to the "─” negative pole of battery pack.

(3) CON6 marked as "BT +" shall be connected to "+ (the positive pole)" of the battery pack. This cable is

   used to conduct possible Back-EMF energy.

(4) On battery pack, its "GND, BV1 ~ BV4 (Cell1 ~ Cell4) voltage sense wires" shall be connected to

CON1 of the BMS board.

(5) Charge the battery to wake up the BMS.

Please activate this BMS by doing as the following steps. If the red LED as being in normal operation does not blink for 6

seconds, and then turns off, which requires a trigger to activate it by charging signal.

2. Steps to uninstall:

(1). Remove link on the "P─" at the CON5 of the Mosfet switch board, which connects to the "─ “

 negative pole of the charger" or "load".

(2). Disconnect or unplug each of its connectors according to the reverse order of the installation, from

    (4) – (3) - (2).                              


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